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ArtsMove was developed at Allied Arts, but transferred to CreateHere in 2007 as one of three core programs that launched our work. Today, ArtsMove is administered by the non-profit Choose Chattanooga, whose mission is to promote the region by creating programs, marketing and media that connect prospective and current residents and stimulate relocation. To read a bit more about why we graduate programs into the community, visit our Supernova page.

Since May of 2006, ArtsMove has offered financial incentives to qualified artists moving to the Scenic City. In phases I through III, that incentive took the form of a forgivable mortgage. 24 working artists purchased properties in the ArtsMove footprint, which included five urban neighborhoods on Chattanooga’s Southside.

In phase IV, the incentive changed significantly, appealing to a broader audience of artists and including a much larger footprint. Instead of a forgivable mortgage, ArtsMove offered a reimbursement for moving expenses, which full- and part-time artists could use to cover the costs of moving their homes or their studios. Phase V has been administered completely by Choose Chattanooga, and the organization still works closely with Chattanooga’s ArtsMove artists, now a family 30 members strong. Home sales for all five phases of ArtsMove come out around four million dollars.

ArtsMove artists have included chocolatiers to landscape architects to storytellers to graphic designers to classical sculptors to DJs. To learn more about the incentive and Choose Chattanooga, visit


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